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Last update: 1.5.2017.

Terms and definitions for privacy policy


By service we mean the web site and any related method of interactions linked to it including but not limited to e.g. software for mobile phones.

We, Us, Service provider

Us, we and Service provider all mean anything related to providing this service.


By user we mean anyone who interacts with the provided service in any way. To be allowed to use this service you must be a human. Using the service by automated methods is not permitted excluding search engine robots gather information for seach engines.


This Terms of Service agreement is an agreement ("TOS", "Agreement") between you the user and the service provider.

By using the service we provide in any way you approve and agree to comply with the Terms of service and our Privacy Policy and any other legal notices or conditions or guidelines posted on this Site.

Legal age

Our service is inteded for adults only. We consider the legal age for an adult to be 18. The legal age may be different from country to country. If the legal age in your country is higher we expect you to follow the law of your country.

Minors can use this service with the permission and supervision of your parent or guardian only. In this case this agreement is between the parent or guardian and the service provider and the parent or guardian is responsible. If you are a minor we expect you to view this site only with the permission and supervision of your parent or guardian.